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We designed a special expedition programs with activities to introduce you to the most mysterious and exotic regions of Amazon of Colombia. It’s where the Amazon River joins three countries (Colombia, Peru and Brazil). You have the opportunity to explore the ethnic origin and the environment, the samba of Brazil, typical gastronomy of Peru, Colombia surroundings, its biodiversity, and its indigenous traditions. This program is brought to you through a focused effort, hand in hand with the indigenous communities of GAMBOA & ZACAMBU.


All activities mentioned, rotating around exploring the rainforest further and deeper, are flexible and customizable to match the visitors’ interests.

The whole experience is meticulously designed with Anthropologists, Biologists, and Ornithologists, for you to enjoy the wider and peaceful flora and fauna of the Amazonas’ natural habitat. Each of these tour packages is designed to give you the best Amazon experience. Our expert bilingual tour guides will always guide you.


Select the package that suits you best and request your place for this marvelous journey through amazon. 

PACKAGES EXPEDITIONS: 2, 3, 4, & 5 (Days & Nights) We provide excellent quality service, for you, your family and your friends. Attractive scenarios offer multiple entertainment options, whilst enjoying nature and its benefits and offering various options of budget and price ranges.

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