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His name is George. His origin has no borders. He is a BRACOPE descendant. Something Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian runs through his DNA. At an early age, 10 years old, he connected with the first actions of tourist guidance. Joel, a character from the region, was known as TATU because of his small stature, of Miraña indigenous descent, a polyglot with a good knowledge of different languages, such as English, Portuguese, French, Spanish as well as native languages, he was his initial mentor and boss in what would be his life Project. At the age of 19, he began a formal job at the Hotel Anaconda in Leticia, Amazonas. Time when family, friends and foreign tourists chose to call him George. To later leverage as a trading name, George of the Jungle. Being born in a region dressed in a multicoloured jungle, magical as its sunrises and immense as his river, would make him a friendly man, good man, with the environment and the ecosystems of the Amazon Nature.  The universe of jungle and river was the school where he learned about aboriginal culture, flora, fauna, ancestral medicine, trails, roads, and customs... Prodigies of life that today define him as an expeditious guide, agent and entrepreneur specializing in everything which means Tourism in the Amazon.

Loving his profession with passion and respect leads him to recognize Amazonian characters that are part of his life story and the trilogy that they represented with unparalleled experience for adventure and nature tourism. Together with George Of the Jungle, Joel Mendoza TATU (q. e. p. d) and MOWGLI the Amazonian Tarzan. Leticiano admired for his great resemblance to the character in the stories of Disney's Mowgli Jungle Book. The three of them were born and grew up in the Colombian Amazon as recognized memorable icons, referenced by hundreds of tourists from many parts of the world who visit us longing for the tourism entrepreneurship services offered with complete satisfaction by these 3 wonderful characters. EXPEDITIONS GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE = EGJ.  And the day came when the more than 30 years of work in Tourism, added up for George to consolidate his entrepreneurial business from Leticia and the Amazon, for the world: Expeditions George of the Jungle. Today, a company synonymous with the promotion and preservation of the environment, education, job opportunity, social and culture. Being the greatest passion, being able to integrate the native and the ancestral with the experiences of the wild and mystical scenery of the jungle and the hydric world of the greatest treasure that the Amazon represents.


At Expedition George of the Jungle, nothing beats the satisfaction that George's exciting work gives like the happy and content tourists and visitors who expectantly decide to share the best days of their lives in the Amazon destination. The great home, lung of the earth that awaits you with splendid plans and services. Always welcome.


By Gloria E Revelo C.



Our mission is to promote the Amazon rainforest in Leticia, Amazonas, South Colombia, and offer expedition tours that captivate adventurers from around the world. We prioritize sustainability, providing expert guides, unique experiences, safety, and comfort. Through education and awareness, we aim to preserve the rainforest's biodiversity and enrich the lives of our visitors. Join us in exploring the wonders of the Amazon, the lung of the Earth!



We promote responsible use of the planet, providing nature lovers with endless possibilities in the tropical forest. Our vision is to convert the Amazon into premier ecotourism destinations, integrating indigenous communities and fostering global responsibility. Join us for a rewarding and transformative experience in the Amazon, where peace, tranquility, and conservation thrive.

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