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" I did the 4-night trip and it was so great!
we went to a lot of authentic places in amazon,
Away from the places of show, full of tourists.
You will see a lot of animals in their habitat, sleep in the jungle in hammocks, eat local food and meet people from the small amazon communities. I do recommend the trip.
Greetings to Harold Georges and Edgar!
Until next time! "


Thanks for the wonderful trip Jorge & Miguel. We had an amazing time. Because of you guys we could experience the real Amazon. We were totally blown away.

Kim & Kaat Vandenhoutaer

Absolutely loved it. Did a 3 night, 4 day experience and saw so many interesting animals, insects and birds. Our fabulous guide, Tomas, made the trip interesting and fun. We had a great time, really enjoyed it. Don't look any further if you want to see the Amazon with knowledgeable and fun loving guides.

Helena Concannon

What a great experience! Harold took great care of us, the food was delicious and we had a unique trip in the jungle of the amazon.

Truly recommended!

Maya Rosental

expeditions-george-of (2).jpg
"We travelled up to Puerto Narino from Leticia and stayed in a beautiful - completely mosquito proof - guesthouse up there. The trips organised were fantastic, very well organised in a group of 4 of us. We had a fantastic time! 


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