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Native Groups In The Amazon(Ingas)

The Inga are heirs to the Quechua language and it is estimated that there are currently some 4,000 Ingas living in 33 surrounding villages of the municipality of Sibundoy. Within this culture, their history is transmitted by the elders around the tulpa (fireplace), a ritual that is still repeated daily within the community, in which the knowledge acquired during the day is also shared.


Within the Inga, the grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers, are the main pillar from which the destinies of the people are governed, and society is structured as a single family. The relationship between the territory where they live and the language is represented in the environmental and spiritual terminology that is still preserved in the memory of the speakers of the new Inga generations.

As a tribute to the place of life, where one was born or lives, the surnames have their meaning. Some of their surnames are referential: Jacanamijoy comes from Jakana: guinea pig, and mijoy: eat. In this sense, Jacanamijoy means "curí eater". Tisoy comes from intisuyu, which is why Tisoy means "from a place"; Muyuy denotes “movement”, and Miticanoy, which comes from Miticuy: to run, means “the one who runs”.


The Ingas speak different dialects of Quechua, which is also spoken in Ecuador and Peru.

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