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It's the beginning of the year and EXPEDITIONS GEORGES OF THE JUNGLE is inviting you to

to mark the agenda for your next holidays, which will undoubtedly take you to live the most unforgettable unforgettable experience in the best place on earth, the Amazon. Yes, in the Amazon. Where the clean air that the planet breathes is born and purified. Where the the largest river in the world with its tributaries and lakes of singular beauty, bordered by forests and jungle resembling gigantic broccoli, is ready to welcome its pleasant visitors, lovers of the to welcome its pleasant visitors, lovers of nature, river and jungle.

From its place of origin, by air with a stopover at El Dorado International Airport, so called because of the mythical Dorado International Airport, named after the mythical legend of El Dorado, located in the city of Bogota, the Bogota, the Colombian capital, epicentre of the first economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, cultural and administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, sporting and touristic epicentre of the country, on board one of the most of one of the commercial airlines with services to the region, in an hourly time of 01:40' ( time of 01:40' (hour and forty minutes) flying over the savannah, the high plateau, The dream destination of such a fascinating expedition to the heart of the jungle is reached by flying over the savannah, the altiplano, mountain ranges and part of the eastern plains of Colombia in a length of 1,400 kilometres, and being welcomed by the cheerful and charming city of Leticia. It is the capital city of the Department of Amazonas, in the extreme south as a parenthesis between border cities with the countries of Brazil and Peru. It is a geographical corridor of varied attractions easy to visit to taste the gastronomy and regional native cuisine and to share the encounter of knowledge such as folklore, culture, language and handicrafts.

EXPEDITIONS GEORGES OF THE JUNGLE, your travel and tourist services agency welcomes you with all the recommendations and the right information to make your stay in the Amazon a dream destination, because it has everything in excursions and plans, your next meeting point. Welcome to Leticia, city of light in the middle of the green jungle, gateway to the tourism of the Amazon.

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