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At an altitude of 96 metres above sea level with an average temperature of 32°C on the banks of the mighty Amazon River, is Leticia, the city the mighty Amazon River, is Leticia, the city that unites the countries of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. and Colombia. A pleasant experience as a national and international tourist destination, where the inhabitants speak Spanish, Portuguese and the native languages of the ancestral indigenous ancestral indigenous groups of the place. It is the capital of the department of Amazonas, founded with the name of San Antonio on April 25, 1867 by the Peruvian military Peruvian military strategist Benigno Bustamante and which months later, the engineer Manuel engineer Manuel Charón, in memory of his fiancée Leticia Smith, would give the name of Leticia.

Its population is estimated at 50,000 inhabitants. It is 1,400 km from the Colombian capital,

1.400 km for a journey of 1 hour and 45 minutes by air, from Bogotá.

It has basic services within reach: water supply, electricity, communication, telephony and connectivity, communication, telephony and connectivity, hotels, restaurants, tourist operating agencies, money exchange tourism agencies, foreign currency exchange offices, transport, public library, banking services and inter-border commerce, banking services and border trade, among others. The tourism offer enjoys increasingly more accepted because the entrepreneurial vision of the investors has designed under different niches and has designed under different niches and segments of the market the varied offer that ecotourism, educational and observation tourism, ethno-ecotourism of a thematic, environmental, gastronomic and thematic, environmental, gastronomic, cultural and experiential tourism as well as adventure and recreational adventure and recreational tourism.

The city's tropical architecture is integrated with the beauty and harmony of the green jungle environment, with green jungle, with hiking, trekking and bird watching activities, full day programmes in nearby nature reserves and visits to indigenous communities. indigenous communities. There are moments for recreation on paradisiacal lakes in kayaking, artisanal fishing and canoeing, as well as pleasant places to practice arborism. places for tree climbing and canopy tours.

In this way Leticia, biodiverse and multicultural, becomes a place of scenery for relaxation and recreation or for for rest and recreation or to taste the native and representative gastronomy of three countries as well as three countries, as well as honouring its reputation as the City of Joy. is the perfect universe to awaken sensations with the music and the popular Amazonian rhythms

of the three and the popular Amazonian rhythms of the three frontiers.

This is a warm invitation to Colombians and foreigners alike to come to Leticia is a magical, natural, healthy, safe and welcoming window.

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