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Amazonian sweets


Casabe is a food shared by various cultures in America and the Caribbean. Many indigenous ethnic groups govern their main diet based on cassava, due to the ease they have in harvesting cassava as well as keeping fresh bread at room temperature.

A cassava flour tortilla, thin, circular and flat, with a crunchy texture, which is cooked on a budare or griddle. It is an ancestral food product considered bread from the Amazon, obtained from the processing of cassava or cassava.

Cupuacu Cream

Cupuaçu cream is a traditional recipe from the Colombian jungle, it is made with cupuaçu which is an ingredient known as "Amazonian cocoa" which is combined with other elements giving an exquisite flavor. You can make it at home and use it as a companion to sweets and desserts.

The pulp of the cupuaçu is extracted, the seeds are removed. The pulp is mixed with the milk cream, condensed milk and sugar to taste. Shake or blend and serve with crushed ice. To prepare the soft drink, mix the pulp with water and sugar to taste and shake or blend with ice.

Cassava fritters

La comida de la selva peruana se nutre también de una variedad importante de recetas de postres o dulces, como ésta a base de yuca cocida y frita acompañada de una deliciosa miel de fácil elaboración con ingredientes caseros.

Un dulce complemento de la exótica comida del amazonas del Perú que como el juane de arroz o de yuca, el tacacho o el picadillo de paiche, complementa la vasta gastronomía peruana entre cuyos platos emblemáticos destacan además el cebiche, el arroz con pollo, la papa a la huancaína, entre otras recetas.

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